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Traditional Christianity, based upon the New Testament, teaches that mankind is saved by the grace of God through faith. But in the original teachings disclosed exclusively to his disciples by word of mouth, Jesus taught that one attains salvation by means of an applied process of spiritual rebirth. The methods of this process have remained a mystery to the established Christian churches.
     The divine process was a secret procedure of regeneration: an application of supernatural, cosmic forces liberating and empowering the human spirit. Jesus' secret gospel was never put into writing; only his public sayings and acts were recorded. Consequently, the system never came down to the later public, or open, churches.
     As a result of 40 years of highly specialized research, the Second Advent Church has recovered this sacred process. In order to decipher the secret teachings hidden in biblical scripture and in the Dead Sea Scrolls left by the Essenes of Qumran, trained scriptural scholars have gone beyond the lower forms of translation of the common language used in the texts. The research has revealed that Jesus was indeed a member of the Essene Order and was their long-expected messiah.
     The Essenes under Jesus formed the original Jewish-Christian community, which is now extinct. This community was knowledgeable in the divine and secret hidden things (halakhah) not contained in the written law of Moses. They preserved a mystic oral law (torah) and doctrines separate from those of the predominant Jerusalem priesthood. The Essenes were schooled in the methods of interpreting scripture (midrash) and prophecies (pesher). Jesus revealed a new, holy torah previously unknown to mankind. And he taught the way to rebirth of the immortal spirit and soul.
     The genuine early Christian church in Palestine was under Jesus and consisted of the Essenes who followed him and his new teaching. The once-possessed secret books and teachings, however, did not survive the passing of time.
     Nearly 2000 years later, the original truths of Jesus' teachings have been recovered and are being revealed by the Second Advent Church for a renewal of Christianity. The restored oral gospel is taught in our present age through a tutorial program administered by authorized ministers in the Church's University of the Ordained.
     Now, Christians of all denominations are coming together to experience the real teachings of Jesus Christ.
     To request more information, please contact the Office of Public Information.

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