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Saturday Communion of Fellowship
University Chapel

Saturday 10:00 A.M.

  • Saturday is the day on which all the faithful participate in Communion of Fellowship according to the rites of the Church. Appeals for invocations and intercessions at fellowship services for the sick and the needy are taken upon request.

Sunday Open-Air Communion Services
Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary--Service times vary seasonally

Open-air communion services are held each week of the year at selected churches at the Sanctuary of Revelation and the Sanctuary of Prophecy. Times of these services, and the number of services held each Sunday, vary with the season of the year. Each of the churches of Sanctuaries of Revelation and Prophecy are visited for these special services several times throughout the year on a rotational basis.



Calendar of Commemorative Services

First Dispensation Holidays in the Western Churches

Christmas Day..... December 25

  • Musical performances, candles of remembrance, scriptural readings, Communion of Fellowship, Christmas homily are part of this celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Epiphany..... January 6

  • Divine Service at sunrise and Communion of Fellowship are observed on the day that commemorates the spiritual birth of Jesus.

Easter Season..... March/April

Good Friday

  • A communal meal of bread and wine is offered in remembrance of the symbolic meal of bread and wine instituted by Jesus before the judicial murder which brought his earthly ministry to an end.

Holy Saturday

  • Communion of Fellowship is held to commemorate this holiday observed by the Christian Churches of the Western world.

Easter Sunday

  • Sunrise service is held on Easter Sunday, commemorating the day on which First Dispensation Churches of the Western world celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

Pentecost..... June 6

  • The holy day commemorating the giving of the Law and the appearance of the Holy Spirit seven weeks after Easter is observed with services held at the Consecrated Sanctuary.


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