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Sunday Sunrise Divine Service
Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary

Sunday is the day on which the faithful gather at churches in consecrated sanctuary to partake of the Divine Presence and the Eucharistic mystery in true apostolic tradition as was done by Jesus and the Apostles and disciples of the early Church.
     Each Sunday, Church members congregate at sunrise in Divine Service at one of the open-air Churches or Cathedrals at the Sanctuary. Divine Services are high services of the Jamilian Order open only to Church members, or to non-members by invitation.

Sacred Calendar
Sunrise Divine Services or special con-celebration services are held according to the sacred calendar, the solar calendar of fixed dates observed by the Essenes and the early Christians and repossessed by the Second Advent Church.
     The principle days observed by the Second Advent Church are Advent Day, the Manifestation of the Comforter, Easter, Pentecost, the Confirmation of God's Divine Law, Epiphany, as well as other holy days and vigils of the sacred calendar.

Advent February 2
Advent VigilFebruary 2 - 6
Manifestation of the ComforterFebruary 6
EasterApril 18
PentecostJune 6
Confirmation of the Active
Principle of Divine Law
August 1
ChristmasDecember 25
Christmas-Epiphany VigilDecember 25 - January 6
EpiphanyJanuary 6
Remembrance VigilJanuary 29-30

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