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Office of Public Information

The Church's Office of Public Information responds to general inquiries on Church activities and projects and is available to answer frequently asked questions on Church doctrine and belief. This Office also provide up-to-date information on times for scheduled public services and events. The Office of Public Information will be happy to direct requests or inquiries to the any other department or office.


Office of Sacramental & Liturgical Rites

With the growing need for non-sectarian and ecumenical services, the Church makes itself available to those of all denominations. As a charitable gesture, the Church provides sacramental and liturgical rites not only for its own members, but for the general public upon request. Such services include weddings, memorials and funerals, christenings, anointing of the sick, last rites, and communionWedding photo services. Most of these services are performed at the Church's dedicated chapels and consecrated sanctuaries, but rites may also be performed at other locations, such as funeral homes and hospitals, as circumstance may dictate.
     The Church's Office of Sacramental and Liturgical Rites may be contacted for specific information on liturgical rites and other amenities - such as flowers and music - made available to the general public.


Music Department

Music is an important part of the Second Advent Church. All liturgical rites of the Church are accompanied by music. The Church also embraces the use of music therapy in healing, and the music of the liturgy is based upon concepts of sound imagery and underlying archetypes, created to enhance the inspirational religious experience.
     The Music Department of the International Community of Christ has been active since 1979 under the direction of the Reverend Canon Gary Robert Buchanan. The Music Department has produced a steady stream of sacred and liturgical music for the Second Advent Church, including four volumes of "Sacred Liturgical Fragments," numerous recordings, soundtracks for videos, antiphons, canticles, hymns, descants, and specific litanies for all holy days of the sacred calendar.
Handbell Choir photo     The Jamilian Handbell Choir, the Sinfonietta of the Community, and vocal ensembles have performed at various events, including the Governor's Prayer Breakfast and the annual Human Spiritual Rights celebration of the Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms.
     For information on the availability of these groups, please contact the Music Department directly.


Church Charisticary

Those wishing to contribute to the Church may contact the Charisticary. The Charisticary will be able to provide accurate information on tax deductions for charitable gifts.


Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau arranges for and coordinates speeches, lectures, appearances, presentations and seminars on behalf of the International Community of Christ and the Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms, as well as for the Jamilian University of the Ordained and its affiliated educational entities.
Speaker's Bureau photo      One of the Bureau's main objectives is to disseminate information on the ministry, doctrine and work of the Second Advent Church as a public service to interested organizations and study groups. The Bureau also arranges for participation by ministers and church representatives at special ecumenical events, such as interfaith services and prayer breakfasts. In addition, the Bureau makes available ministers to give invocations and benedictions at legislative meetings and other professional gatherings.
     For the Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms, the Speakers Bureau arranges lectures on topics of contemporary concern, e.g., human spiritual rights and the separation of church and state.
     To arrange for lectures on the International Community of Christ or Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms, please contact the Speakers Bureau or visit the Advocates' Web site at www.arrf.org.


Community Communique

The Church's newsletter/journal is the Community Communique. The Communique provides a public record of Church services and events. Feature articles, reports from Church departments, abridged sermons and lectures, news from affiliated organizations, service listings, and public announcements comprise the now bi-annual publication.
     For more information, please write the Community Communique.




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