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Jamilian University of the Ordained

The Church educates those who are candidates for ordination to its various ministries. A university for the ordained, theological college, divinity school, and seminary are maintained and supported for the training and instruction of candidates for the ministry and for ministers themselves.
     Men and women who intend to enter the ministry are given suitable religious instruction and trained for the duties of their ministry. Following satisfactory completion of the prescribed courses and fulfillment of established requirements, individual candidates may be recommended for appropriate ordination.
     None of the prescribed courses in religious and theological education and training are regulated in any way by municipal, legislative, civil, or otherwise secular agencies. Jamilian University photocomp 11All titles and degrees bestowed upon candidates by the university, theological college, divinity school, and seminary are earned and used solely within the society of the Church, and are considered non-accredited by state or other secular standards.
     The Jamilian University of the Ordained is composed of several colleges in which men and women may undertake studies related to Second Advent Christianity as well as varied studies on the foundations of the world religions. The Church maintains a sophisticated program of spiritual education for training men and women for a religious vocation within the Jamilian Order or for a religious avocation in the Ministry of the Second Advent Christianity. Association with the International Community of Christ can become a life-long opportunity to continue religious and spiritual education.
     Visit the Jamilian University of the Ordained at www.jamilian.org.

The Academy
Religious training begins with two years of study as a Consociate in The Academy. The applicant accepted for preparatory studies in The Academy participates in a comprehensive program of theory, practice and oral instruction.

Sacred College of Jamilian Theology
Following satisfactory completion of studies in The Academy, the Consociate may be invited to enroll in the study program of the Sacred College--there to pursue studies in the Clergy Program, leading to ordination.

University Press
The Jamilian University Press makes available hundreds of recorded lecture materials and publications to its clergy and Consociates. In addition, the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent, makes numerous publications and materials available globally through the University Press. Most of its publications, however, are intended for distribution within the Church and its University.

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