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Jamilian Parochial School

. The Jamilian Parochial School operates under a charter from the Apostolic See of the Second Advent Church, and acts in a semi-autonomous manner within the Church structure.

Academic Program
The Jamilian Parochial School is a private religious school of long-standing, designed for the education of the children of the Church. The Parochial School provides a non-elective K-12 program in arts, music, reading and literature, English composition, foreign language, sciences, and history.
     Members of the student body also receive training in ethics, manners, dress, dignity, self-expression, professional courtesy, and citizenship.
     All graduates of the high school are academically prepared to enter college, should they desire, and they are qualified to seek entrance into the pre-ministerial program of the Jamilian University, which leads to admission in the seminary.

Youth Programs & Religious Studies
In addition to academic training, youths, as acolytes, receive highly specialized training in liturgical activities and Church doctrine. They may also participate in Church musical ensembles and undertake Church or Guild apprenticeships.
     Through the Religious Studies Program, young people from eight to eighteen years of age may also attend weekly classes of scriptural and spiritual instruction with ministers of the Church.

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