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. The International Community Guilds is a non-profit corporation operating under apostolic charter of the International Community of Christ. The Guild corporation was created to engage in commercial activities in order to generate income to support the work and ministries of the Church and its affiliated religious organizations.
     Through the Guilds members of the religious and lay orders of the Church are provided a creative outlet through which they are able to offer their services, knowledge, and expertise to the community at large, most notably in the areas of health, community service, business, art, music and publishing.
     The headquarters of the corporation are located at the historic Steamboat Hot Springs just south of Reno, Nevada. At present, the corporation general is composed of several independent Guilds. Among them are the Steamboat Villa Hot Springs Spa; the Steamboat Springs Water Works, Inc.; The Jewel Guild; The Stained Glass Guild, and The Music Guild.

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