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. Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms
The Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms is a consociation of churches and ministers of the International Community of Christ, which seeks to preserve and defend freedom of religion from discrimination and to protect the rights of individuals to religious expression. The organization is founded on the premise that, because neither legislators nor courts can give proper meaning to the constitutional clause respecting religion without understanding the nature of religion, religious organizations have the obligation to serve the public interest through education.
    The tenets of this organization are stated in The Universal Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights, a statement of spiritual rights that are held to be the God-given rights of the Human Family, which was adopted by the International Community of Christ in 1962.
     Its annual banquet and program, the Human Spiritual Rights Celebration, is held each year in Reno, Nevada, on October 12. The program includes awards presentations, Enshrinements of modern individuals for their support of human spiritual rights, musical presentations, speeches, and vocal performances. Past Enshrinees are Mohandas K. Gandhi, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Kahlil Gibran, Nikola Tesla, Gustaf Str�mberg, Carl Gustave Jung, Alfred Russel Wallace, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Waldo Emerson and Joseph Campbell.
     Visit the Advocates at www.arrf.org.

Nevada Clergymen's Association
Nevada's Voice for Religion
The Nevada Clergymen's Association is a free association of individual members of the clergy whose purpose is to safeguard the civil and religious rights and liberties of all churches, synagogues, temples and other religious societies or organizations existing within the State of Nevada and to represent their special needs before all appropriate government officials and agencies, whether federal, sate, county, municipal or other political subdivisions, public utility, business, neighborhood associations, property owners organizations or private citizens thereby ensuring the separation of church and state.
     The Nevada Clergymen's Association has been formed for this specific purpose: to protect the civil and religious rights and liberties of members of the clergy and their organizations. It is a non-profit organization which relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of its members. Its primary focus is to take action on issues that affect a number of religious groups.
     Membership is open to clergy of all faiths - all ordained ministers, pastors, rabbis, priests, the religious, and other leaders of religious societies or congregations regardless of individual faith, creed, or belief.

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